Some old Photos

 Jada Test fitting his new Custom chopper
 My best girl, Miss Lilly Bell. Miss ya pup.

 essential tool kit
 so i used to hang with this kid sean all the time, and he really liked fire, which worked out well most of the time

 look at this fucker, if it had ran he would have wheelied it all the way home.

 welding in the dark is fun

 twisted springer on a 750 chop that we did the hardtail on. We also shortened that springer up to for with the stock rake. That was a really nicely balanced bike, i wish i had more pics of it.
 first attempt split rockers for an ironhead
 lil bit of leatherwork, it ended up looking real nice but after about 300 miles or so i was really missing the stock seat on the sporty. That fucker was like a couch

 stainless XR750 pipes reworked to go on jims xr1000. Fun bike for sure, i'd love to get my hands on one someday.
 kinda missing the sporty looking like this, if anyone is looking to ditch a 04 sporty frame let me know.

 Some pipes im working for my brothers 79.
 back in the day, we would play pong outside our modest no bedroom home.

 we test ride everything that comes into the shop


Backstreet Buckets said...

How made the velocity stack? That bitch is bad!

hooligan said...

i got no clue who made that sucker, i found it on bikernet a few years back. Fucking awesome craftsmanship. If anyone does know who that belongs to speak up and give em some credit.