Put oil in your bike

this lil gem showed up today. Back in 87 the dude who own it let his brother in law barrow the bike. He then proceded to run it out of oil, even though he stopped to buy some at a gas station he didn't know what kind to get so he said fuck it and just rode it back to the house. That is where she has sat since 87, time to resurect her back to a pavement scorching suicide machine. can't wait to get into this project.


J. said...

Shit. Wish that was mine.

hooligan said...

how bad you want it? gonna be up for sale, you should have a michigan bike

J. said...

I didn't subscribe to this comment thread. You're right about the michigan bike thing, but it'd be even better to pick it up in MI and ride it back to WA to scare all the hippy faggots here.