Vtwin expo / brodown

Didn't take a shitload of pics this year and we didnt spend too long at the expo. Most of our time was spent at the mainstay bar and i was way to fucked up to know how to take pictures so i stole the ones of the party. Although it might have helped eron remember all the fun shit we did, but thats ok cause we can just make shit up and he won't be able to call bullshit on it. Like when he pissed on that cop car while i asked for directions.The brodown that was a damn fun party, thank you biltwel and lowbrow for putting it on. dandelion death rocked it, i havent been in a mosh pit in years and it felt damn good to do that shit again. There was a rediculous amount of booze consumed, thanks to all that bought us drinks. Nick and the rest of the haints were a blast to hang with. Tyler it was nice meeting you, great party man. Oh and if the chick with the flakekings sticker on your tit reads this drunk steve misses you..... kind of...... and your one friend is a bitch, just so ya know.


Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

he first pic checking out the Class built bike we did for Drag..what did ya guys think of it

hooligan said...

looks really clean, diggin the dual front brakes, i dont see that often on springers. Tell the students they did a hell of a job, just looks quality.