looking better already

modifying a ironhead hardtail section that has been kicking around the shop for a while to work with the evo frame. I'm goin to add a touch or stretch to the top rails, line it all up and weld it on. I like this way more than where the bike was headed before. I'm still a bit hesitant on the overall style the owner wants. But i think it can be pulled off very respectfully. I'm trying to get back in the swing of updating the site more regularly again.  I really just haven't been doing anything that is fab related lately. Just a bunch of motor builds and maintenance stuff over the last few months. But as the snow starts to hit the ground. The grinders come out and the welder warms the hands. Also i'm looking for a stock rubbermount sporty frame, If the back bone and or front down tubes are tweaked that is fine with me. As long as the rear section and lower frame is straight i'm interested. 

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