the other night

harlan and i split out in his s-10 and drove north to go pick up a chainsaw from my old man. We took off at about ten at night, got back at 8 in the morning and went straight into work. Miserable day at work, awesome night with a buddy. We talked about how most of the people we know would have said no way to driving 450 miles in one night to go get a stupid ass saw. I'm glad we are the kind of people who will do things like this just because... why not lets go. It was a great time, we laughed at shit till the road got blurry with tears, hung out with my crazy pops for a few,and even picked up a bad ass couch. Simply enough, go do something that doesn't make sense, even if your miserable later the good time and the story you get to tell later are worth it.

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