Norton USA

Just read that the new Nortons are coming to the good ol U.S.of.A. 
I for one am pretty stoked to see that.
At first glance these bikes look pretty fucking awesome, they defiantly stayed true to the old Norton ways of building shit to go fast and look awesome doing it. The motor looks sooo damn nice too, perfect cam chest, a beautiful gear box and primary, high end brakes and suspension. But something just feels wrong about the lack of a kicker on it, plastic switch housings look like...well crappy plastic switch housings, and the starter looks out of place, looks easy to get to, but out of place. I need to say that i haven't seen one in person yet but i really hope to get a chance to check one of these out soon. And if i find myself in a position to buy one its defiantly up there on my list of things i want to own.

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