Workin on my pops bike again

started in on fixing some issues with my pops bike. Just a lil recomendation if your planning on building a rigid chop with a girder and putting a absolute madman behind the bars go with a lil bit smaller motor than a 127" or build the fuck out of everything that you think might break and all the things you think should be bullet proof, just beef them all up. But anywas, i cut the dakota digital dash loose along with the headlight mount, both of which were mounted directly to the bars. So i cut those bungs off and re smoothed and polished the bars again, stainless is awesome.... as long as you don't have to work with it all the time. I remounted the headlight down onto the fork, i think it looks waaay better. Gonna mount a speedo off the rear rocker box i think. I also had the kinda crazy idea of frenching it into the S&S air cleaner i think there is just enough room. Stay tuned for more.

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