Born Free 3

So other other day i moved out of my chicks place, we have been arguing a bunch as of late so we decided to take a lil break get back in touch with reality, ya know get to know ourselves and shit like that. We are still together but we are just kinda doing our own thing, not attached at the hip, can't do shit without the other one having to be there too kinda crap. So it got me kinda revved up and i wanna hit born free this year. Pigpen over at the damn bandits has been hinting at going, and even though its 5 months away im pretty stoked about doing this. I know my brother would be down to go either on his super sweet chop or his mint 73 honda 350. Hopefully tim over at death science can finish up the trike and ride that out, it would be pretty cool to meet up with him again. And maybe i can convince my lovely lady sara to ditch work for like a week and ride out there with us(maybe i'll even have her damn bike done). So basically yeah pigpen, eron, pat, ryan, sara, rachel, john, and any other fucker who wants to do a cross country roadtrip lets figure this crap out, those of you with dogs just lay down a tarp in the basement, toss like 3 bags of dogfood in the middle and lets roll. Free hugs to all that go.

maybe we can fix old motorcycles with a stick and a rubberband along the way.

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