The Damn Bandits

Detroit Love Muscle started the night out right, i wish i had gotten a shot of the old bar broad dancing. She defiantly wanted to ride eron home.
Steve on bass, frank on lead guitar, pat's the drummer, and eron on lead vocals.

sean wanted to get drunk fast
taozins rocked it
Frank loves to get drunk and dance his ass off

ypsi's number 1 drummer and producer Pat "has some pot" shrock
jon writing the set list on the backdrop

The Damn Bandits headlined the show
Jon on bass, Pat on Drums, Eron on lead vocals and guitar

the band loves free shots
and frank loves tassels
we packed the house, the bar had to do three beer runs during the night.

ladies love the beard

the tiny person on my left shoulder looks so shocked
one last shot of the band

To everyone who didn't make it out to the show..... well it sucks to be you. All three bands kicked ass. The bar was packed, we ran em out of beer 4 different times. The locals made for some real entertainment and excellent quotes including "i took a shit in the middle of the read in a trailer park, im not embarrassed to piss in front of you" and "ma get your fuckin coat and lets go! Fuck!". Rachel was ready to throw down in the parking lot against some bitch who was to drunk to realize that we had moved the truck out of the way so she could get of her parking spot in the fire lane, Rachel you should have kicked her ass that would have been awesome.

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